Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Encore Acquisition Company Excellence

Encore Acquisition Company is an oil and gas company which deals with utilization, development and acquisition of North American reserves. The company was founded by an oil industry veteran namely, I. Jon Brumley in 1998. He decided to establish the company with the desire to pursue growth through acquisitions. The main goal of the company is to develop and acquire natural gas and oil reserves from the USA’s onshore fields. The company is doing so much work like drilling, expanding, exploring, and reengineering existing waterflood projects to continually acquire producing properties with leasehold estate and proven reserves.

The company has many competitors. But still, Encore Acquisition Company stands out among any other companies. This is because of the company’s strategies and strategic alternatives that enhance a sale or merger of the company and shareholder value. With this kind of strategies, the company will be ensured of a long and stable position in the market. However, at this very moment, the company has been expecting to meet future events which can lead to a possible future transactions and possible changes in Encore’s business plan. If you are looking for a place for a denver home mortgage check out this site. Some of the factors that can affect the future events are market conditions, finance availability, evaluation of Encore’s Board of Directors, and actions by third parties as well as Board and stockholders approvals and Encore’s operational and financial results.

In terms of stock, the position of the company is stable. It spins high natural gas and crude oil prices into the shareholder’s terrific profits. The earnings of the company for three consecutive quarters have an average of 25.60%. Indeed, Encore Acquisition Company is playing a great value in the area of energy.

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