Monday, December 15, 2008

CH Energy Group, Inc.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, also known as Central Hudson and Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation, also known as CHEC are both held by CH Energy Group, Inc.

Central Hudson is the producer of electricity and gas to 372 thousand clients in New York. Its profits are primarily siphoned from customer delivery charges.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation in turn has one 100% owned subsidiary which is Phoenix Development Company, Inc. CH Energy Group on the other hand, its parent company is Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation. Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation in the meantime has two 100% owned subsidiaries namely Griffith Energy Services, Inc. also called Griffith and CH Auburn.

Griffith is the provider for petroleum products and it caters to 110 thousand people from various parts of the federals states, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, Connecticut and so on.

The company is further divided into three segments,
Central Hudson’s:
• Regulated Electric Utility Business
• Regulated Natural Gas Utility Business
• Fuel Distribution Business
• Investments in renewable energy source, making of ethanol, energy efficiency and other monies in the CH Energy Group

The stock symbol or the ticker symbol of CH Energy Group, Inc. is CHG. If you are planning to do some investing in this company, do take in consideration this information. For the past 52 weeks, the price range of this company’s stock is $ 34.01 - $50.29. Currently the price is playing and landing on mid $30’s.

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